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Fun Photo Guys® is America's Greenest Wedding Photography company and a Certified Bay Area Green Business that is committed to providing high-quality eco-friendly photography services.

Fun Photo Guys® was named the "Greenest Home-Based Business" in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition.


Become Green… Be Green… Stay Green…

Our mission is to be socially and environmentally responsible in the way we source, market, and deliver professional photography services.

We provide eco-friendly digital photography services that reduce the harsh chemicals introduced into the environment by film production, processing and printing.


We believe in reaching a balance between business and the environment. We aspire to be environmentally conscious and use sustainable business principles in all aspects of professional photography.

Being Green is about values, attitude, choices, and changing your way of thinking. It requires developing an attitude toward sustainability and practices that can be incorporated into our everyday lives. We are a company based on values that reflect an environmental ethic and social conscience.

Becoming ecologically and economically sustainable go hand in hand. We believe that businesses that are able to work with the environment rather than simply consume its resources, will not only rise to the top of their market, but will help secure their futures and the futures of succeeding generations.

Becoming Green is not about being perfect on day one. Our commitment to the environment is ongoing and will take constant improvement. We periodically review our practices to ensure they are as environmentally and economically sustainable as they can be.


We are committed to using clean technology solutions in our photography:
• We use Digital Cameras instead of Film, reducing the left over harsh chemicals
• We encourage the electronic delivery of images through e-mail and our website
• We display and share client photos using an online Internet Photo Gallery
• We use a local Bay Area based online professional photo printing service
• We encourage clients to only print the photos they want to display prominently
• We use LCD Flat Panels at trade shows to display our work, reducing paper waste
• We set our PCs to power-down various components when not in use
• We use Rechargeable Batteries in our equipment

We may be saving you energy right now!
If you are viewing this web page on a CRT display, you may be saving electricity. Studies have shown that CRT monitors use less energy with a black background.

"White and bright colors (especially in backgrounds) can use up to 20% more power than black or dark colors." US DOE, Microtechnology Support

"a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen." Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2002


We are committed to conserving energy, reducing waste, and recycling:
• We reuse shipping boxes and packing material we receive
• We recycle all paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, plastics, cans and bottles
• We replaced incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent alternatives
• We put exterior lights on motion sensors or timers that automatically shut off
• We replaced tube-monitors with Energy Star compliant LCD flat panels
• We donate old equipment or ensure it is properly recycled
• We use High Efficiency Washer and Dryer
• We use High Efficiency Furnace and Air Conditioner
• We had a Title-24 leak/sealing performed on our air ducts
• We clean air filters frequently to keep Furnace & A/C working efficiently
• We only heat/cool occupied areas instead of the whole facility
• We reduce trips to essentials and do more than one errand per trip
• We have our automobile fluids changed at a facility that recycles them
• We removed a gas guzzling SUV from the road by donating it to a worthy cause
• We water plants only when absolutely necessary and avoid runoff
• We unplug unused power supplies that use energy even when nothing's attached
• We replaced old rotten deck wood with recycled composite material
• We replaced an old water heater with a new energy efficient model
• We replaced an old toilet with a newer low-flush model
• We replaced several older low-capacity hard drives in our server with a single high capacity energy saving model. Check out Western Digital Green Power Hard Drives.

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Certified Green Photographer Certified Bay Area Green Business Certified by Green America / Co-op America GenGreen Certified Green Chamber of Commerce SBA

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