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How do I choose a wedding photographer?

This topic focuses on how to choose a Professional Wedding Photographer; however, the same general steps apply to choosing a photographer for most special events, social events, and portraits.

There is more to choosing a professional wedding photographer than just picking the one with the lowest price. You are choosing a partner to capture the unforgettable moments of your special event. You have to find, select and afford the right photographer for you.

Remember, there is only one chance to capture the precious photographic images that you will use to share the memories of your special day for generations to come. "Money back guarentees" can't replace the one chance you have at getting it right. Make sure you choose a reliable professional photographer.

What style should I choose?

Traditional? Photojournalistic?

There are different styles of wedding photography, including photojournalistic / documentary and traditional. The photojournalistic style focuses on creatively capturing the event as it unfolds, like a documentary. The traditional style is a more planned out and formal approach. It includes many posed shots, formal portraits, group shots and pre-defined moments.

Fun Photo Guys uses the perfect combination of both styles to capture your magical moments. We use a relaxed traditional style to capture the posed portraits and group shots you expect combined with a photojournalistic approach to capture the spontaneity and uniqueness of your wedding day.

The right fit of Personality and Professionalism


It is important for you and your photographer to "click" (pardon the pun). Be prepared to discuss and describe your vision of ideal wedding pictures. The photographer needs to know the type of wedding, style of photography you desire, and the locations of the venues. Being prepared to discuss the details will help you establish a relationship and build a rapport with your photographer.

If you are getting married and have not yet had engagement photos done yet, do it! Engagement photos provide you with shots you can use in announcements, invitations, save-the-date cards, or in a signature frame at the wedding for guests to sign. An Engagement Photo Session is the perfect way to get to know your photographer and build rapport. Don't wait until the wedding day to get to know your photographer.

Professionalism and Customer Service

Don’t let our name fool you. Fun Photo Guys are high-quality professional photographers with many years of experience. Unlike some legacy photographers who are busy with business administration, we spend the majority of our time doing what we are passionate about, taking excellent photos while having fun.

Fun Photo Guys typically posts photos of your wedding online within two business days. Many legacy photographers take months to get you proofs, and go back and forth with you about the final product.

Go for High Quality

Review the quality of a photographer's work

High Quality is the reason you are choosing a professional photographer. Make sure to review more than one complete wedding that your photographer has shot to see if their style fits with your vision of your wedding day. Fun Photo Guys uses professional quality Canon camera equipment and takes excellent photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

The price is right... Or is it?

Prices and Packages

Why should you be forced into a big package of reprints or photo albums before you have ever seen the photos? It is important to see through the fancy pricing packages and special deals and get right down to what it is you are actually going to receive.

Ask yourself these questions: What am I going to have when they are done? How long will it take me to get the final product? Many photographers have special pricing packages, but do you end up owning rights to the original images when the photographer is done? Many legacy photographers will hand pick a few photos, give you some proofs, and then hold onto the original images and keep you coming back for more reprints. That is the old model of running a photography business and is no longer acceptable to many people. In today's digital world, consumers have learned that they can use the images for a variety of things. They want the digital images. ALL of them!

Get the images!

Make sure the photographer you choose provides you with the high-resolution digital images on a CD/DVD. Fun Photo Guys has a no hostage policy and provides all clients with high-quality digital images. Our clients can use them in any way they want, such as online, in electronic frames, print them at home, or by choosing any photo printer they want. That's right, you can choose the photos you want printed and you can choose when and where you want them printed.

Since we are strictly digital and have portable studio equipment, we don't have the administrative overhead of some photographers, and we pass that savings on to you. You will find that our prices are much less than most legacy photographers.

Top Questions to Ask a Photographer

Who is going to be the photographer at my wedding?

Many companies have more than one photographer. There are nation-wide organizations that have hundreds of photographers across the country. With these large organizations, the photographer may be limited to shooting the way the company wants and you may never even meet your photographer before the wedding. In order for the wedding to flow smoothly, you need to feel comfortable with your photographer in advance and not worry about them during your special day. Make sure you know who will be photographing your wedding.

When will I receive the images?
Will our photos be viewable online?

Many photographers can take a month or more just to get you the proofs. It takes even longer to get the final prints and album back from the photographer. Don't settle for a photographer that takes a long time to get the photos to you. Fun Photo Guys will typically have your photos posted in an online photo gallery within two business days after your event.

Do you carry backup equipment?

This is a very important gauge of a photographer's experience, professionalism, and capabilities. Cameras and photographic equipment are mechanical in nature. It's not a matter of IF it will fail, it is a matter of WHEN it will fail. Don't let that time be in the middle of your wedding. Any photographer that has been photographing weddings professionally will have high quality cameras and backups.

Do you work alone?
In case of emergency, who backs you up?

It is as important as carrying backup equipment. Emergencies arise. Don't let car accidents, illness, etc ruin your wedding. Make sure to pick a photographer that has a partner that backs them up. Or, better yet, book two photographers. You will have much better coverage from different angles, and built-in backups. Fun Photo Guys offers up to three photographers for your wedding.

Can I buy the negatives / digital images?

In this digital age, you are entitled to get the images, aren't you? Actually, you are not. United States copyright law states that the digital images and printed photos are the copyrighted property of the photographer. Fun Photo Guys believes that you ARE entitled to the images and we provide them to all our customers without exception.

Do you have professional low-light equipment?

Low-light equipment is very important, as most churches and wedding venues do not allow flash photography. Fun Photo Guys has special professional low-light lenses and camera equipment that can take excellent photos in most lighting conditions.

Can I see an example of an entire wedding?

Know what you are going to be getting. Don't settle for a limited number of cherry-picked photos. Take a look at the photos from an entire wedding. In addition to our "samples" page, Fun Photo Guys has several galleries from past weddings you can view online.

How long have you been photographing weddings?
How many weddings have you done?

These questions give you an idea of the photographer's experience level. At Fun Photo Guys, photography is our passion. You don't have to worry about our experience or expertise. We have been photographing weddings for many many years.

Wedding Photography on a Budget

How can I get professional quality wedding photography coverage that I can afford?

Hire a photographer that provides you with the digital images. You can save a bundle by printing the photos and assembling albums yourself. This way you can save money, make sure the prints are the ones you want, the albums are the quality you want, and the albums are assembled the way you want.

We are committed to providing you with high quality services

• Your pictures will be as exciting and fun as your special day is.
• You will have a fun, enjoyable, memorable time with us.
• The samples we show you are typical of what you can expect of your wedding day.
• You will receive a mix of styles, including the traditional posed and group shots you expect plus photojournalistic candids that will capture the joy of your wedding.
• We will be courteous, friendly, appropriately dressed and on time.

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