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Fun Photo Guys® offers great mobile portrait photography services for people who wish to have their character captured while having a memorable time. Our equipment is completely portable and easy to setup. We come to you! We provide portrait photography on-location and take great pride in both our portable studio and environmental portrait photography. We take fun photos in comfortable stress-free environments, such as your own home, an outdoor scenic location, or at your special event. We are dedicated to providing memorable individual, group or family portraits that you can cherish for years to come. Our portrait photography services are provided by appointment only, and are customized to your needs. Please CONTACT US so we may discuss your needs with you personally.


• Fun Photo Guys® takes pride in our ability to provide mobile studio lighting and backdrops on location.
• We have the flexibility to do prom-style portrait photography at weddings, reunions, anniversaries, banquets, parties and other special events.
• We can do pre-wedding engagement and bridal sessions, individuals, families, group portraits, pregnancy, model/actor portfolios, corporate headshots and more.
• Upon special request, we can use chroma-backdrops that allow us to do creative photography and place you in various scenes digitally "just like in the movies".

Fun Photo Guys Professional Portrait Photography, Portable Studio Equipment and Backdrops
LARGE 10' x 12'BACK DROPS Fun Photo Guys Portable Studio Equipment and Backdrops
SMALL 6' x 7' BACK DROPS Fun Photo Guys Portable Studio Equipment and Backdrops


Are you strong, confident, pretty, sensitive, intense, happy, moody, perky, caring, professional, precious, precocious, giddy, cute, studious, lofty?

Portraits are generally considered to be flattering artistic representations of a person. Good portraiture requires a style that emphasizes the unique personality, expression and essence of a subject. It is the Professional Photographer's job to bring out your character in an artistic manner.

Fun Photo Guys Professional Portrait Photography


Participating in a portrait photography session needs to be relaxing and fun. Not everyone can relax in front of a camera. That's where we come in. We provide a fun environment that helps alleviate any anxiety you may have and let the real "you" come out in your portraits.


• Dress in solid colors, preferably earth tone colors such as blue, brown and green
• Avoid colors that will cast a reflective color on your skin, such as bright reds, yellows and oranges
• Large/bold patterns and shirts with logos are not recommended for portraits
• For family/group portraits, everyone should be wearing like colors and clothes that blend well together. While all the clothing doesn't have to match, the colors should be harmonious.
• Dark clothing tends to minimize body size; light tones emphasize body size.
• Wear presentable shoes and socks as they may be in the portrait
• Avoid wearing glossy makeup; the shine catches the flash & can spoil the results
• Avoid wearing dark eyeliner; it makes your eyes appear small
• Wear only simple jewelry. Avoid wearing too much jewelry or big jewelry
• If you have contact lenses, wear them. Glasses can cause unwanted reflections, although we can usually compensate by adjusting the position of the lights.
• Bring sunglasses. They can be used as props to add fun & character to photos.
• Are you a cheerleader? Bring your uniform. Actor? Bring a costume.


• What are their normal nap times/down times? It's easier to capture great expressions when they are well rested, usually in the morning. Tired children are much more difficult to photograph, especially in an unfamiliar place.
• It is a wise idea to bring a change of clothing in case of a mess/accident.
• Plan to participate - bring a favorite toy or a book to help get their attention or be used as a prop.


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