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“We would like to extend our gratitude for your professionalism and personal attention making our photo session experience a true celebration of our marriage, thank you so much! We did not realize the tremendous value in having the actual photographs made available to us instead of just the proofs. Not holding your photos hostage is more than just a tag line! The flexibility of having all the pictures ourselves in electronic media, has allowed us to create multiple unique ways of displaying our memories. Working directly with the photographs allows us to transfer each of our favorite pictures to our own phones and PDAs. We have created personalized displays for our computers, customized for our home and our office screen savers. We have created our own bragging books with our favorite pictures to bring to our own offices and share with family and friends. We have also created customized personal memory books for each of our parents. And with an electronic display frame in our living room, we can change the set of pictures it displays whenever we feel like it! Best of all, we don t have to choose only the pictures we can afford! We can take advantage of innovative ways to display the pictures we wish to, and are not limited to just a specific set that was restricted by our budget. Thanks again Guys for putting us first!”

"We just wanted to say thank you for everything! We appreciated all of the time that you took with us, and we did have a great time; you live up to your name. Thanks again!"

"Thanks again for a great job. We are recommending you to all of our friends, family members and co-workers!"

"Thanks again so much, the pictures came out sooooo wonderful. We also went to church yesterday and it seems like everyone in the world has seen them and loves the pics also. :)"

"We viewed the photos you have posted and they are absolutely amazing. We love the photos and are so excited. Thank you SO much for doing this for us. You captured so many wonderful moments before, during and after the service. It is so fun to look through them."

"Thanks for taking the time to take my daughter’s pictures yesterday. She certainly loved taking pictures outside!! I’ve e-mailed some of my favorites to people and they’ve already e-mailed back asking how much you guys charge, etc. I e-mailed them with your website :) Thanks again for the photo shoot, I really appreciate it!"

"It is nice to have someone who is flexible and enjoys what they do."

"I just ran through the pics picnic/all employee meeting - Very good, particularly liked how you did the close ups, very nice."

"We want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts! You showed such a high degree of professionalism throughout the day, and such patience. What I really appreciate is your attention to organization and detail. Weddings are something I have enjoyed immensely in the past, yet have never really paid attention to the detail. Your assistance really helped me plan the whole thing. You helped glue the event together."

"I have never worked with someone so flexible and generous. It was a real joy. The photo looks amazing. the lighting looks great, the scope is pefect, and people's faces are clear. How could anyone ask for more?"

"OMG!!! The pictures are fabulous!! My husband and I had a great time looking at then last night and we love, love love them. Especially the way you did them, actually, they look like the on line real estate ads you see when searching property listings….almost makes me want to put my house on the market….NOT!! You should add that service to your portfolio, I think you do a much better job and they are very popular in the Bay area. Can’t thank you enough."

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